artis indonesia terbaru Sinta dan Jojo lipsing singer

Friday, August 20, 2010

artis indonesia terbaru Sinta dan Jojo lipsing singer, two distaff scholars of a private university in Bandung, Indonesia, dead went pop. Their YouTube uploaded video entitled "Keong Racun" has been a sluing issue on microblogging land site Chirrup, and their Facebook pages find a good deal of scuttlebutts. What these precious missies did was precisely lipsyncing the unpopular dangdut Sung dynasty.

The vocal was first performed by dangdut vocalist Lisa from Bandung. Peoples scarcely knew the Sung. But after artis indonesia terbaru Sinta dan Jojo lipsing singer uploaded their ain translation of Keong Racun, which is a remix dangdut, the vocal bulged to be long familiar. Charlie of ST 12, a semi-malay pop-rock vocalizer and vocal author, still greased one's palms the right of first publication of Keong Racun from the composer Buy Akur, who lives in an ugly house in Bandung. Although the vocal is going to be multiplied by Charile, the appendage does not involve Lisa. This makes a difference between Charlie and Lisa. Granting to Lisa, Charlie had threatened her by telephone set, creating her unrest.

Meantime, Sinta and Jojo right away get new fames. Subject TV stations such as RCTI and TRANS TV interviewed them and boasted them in their docudrama computer programmes, Silet and Cut in.

Eks Artis Video Bokep Indonesia - Cut Tari Ariel Peterpan

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eks Artis Video Bokep Indonesia - Cut Tari Ariel Peterpan

Community's Indonesia for an apology and forgave Eks Artis Video Bokep Indonesia - Cut Tari Ariel Peterpan confession that he is a person who is in a video Bokep Irham Nazriel ak Ariel n Cut Tari. It is proposed Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Advocates (Peradi) Otto Hasibuan when asked to comment on the case that befall between some similar case ariel artis seksi Cut Tari n Luna Maya.

"What's wrong with forgiving people who had admitted blame for his actions. I think the community also must forgive ct. For me, recognition is an honesty that should be respected," Problem Video Bokep Artis Indonesia - Cut Tari Ariel Peterpan, Otto said this is a complaint. The complaint is a crime that can only be prosecuted because of complaint. "So, about fornication Cut Tari husband affairs," explained Otto claimed to follow the case based on media coverage.

Otto said Cut Tari does not do video bokep recording and disseminating it. "As far as I know from the media, if he says it does not do video recording and disseminating it, and he shall not be subject to any criminal act," said Otto. Meanwhile, about Cut Tari who apply for Letter of Termination of Investigation Case (SP3) to police, Otto says, it was the right suspect. "Problem is granted or not is another matter".

Cut Tari in residence searched by police

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cut Tari in residence searched by police
Cut Tari in residence searched by police | Police had raided the residence of the artist's Cut Tari. However, police did not find the lingerie and other evidence related to the case of the porn video at home. Head of Police Headquarters Kombes Marwoto passenger stated that he has searched the residence revealed Cut Tari in the area of Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta. The search was conducted on Thursday. "Not found any evidence there,"

Still related cases that pornographic videos, the investigation team Jabar Police Headquarters and Police have also searched the Ariel Peterpan house in Jalan Antapani Tanjungsari No. 58 Bandung, on Sunday night, Ariel Peterpan room forced open. Cupboard was searched and mattresses were appointed. Police search for Ariel Peterpan laptop in the room, but found none. The search home of former Peterpan vocalist of it lasts for 30 minutes.

Ariel Peterpan emoh Membuat lagu di Penjara

Ariel Peterpan emoh Membuat lagu di Penjara
Ariel Peterpan emoh Membuat lagu di Penjara | It was of fourth day in the prison huddled Ariel Police Headquarters for recording a sexual scene with Luna Maya and Cut Tari. Ariel Peterpan is known expert in prison to make a song, it refused to deepen expertise and Ariel chose to draw. According to the testimony of one police source, at the detention cell Ariel refuses to make a song. Ariel prefer drawing since childhood sweetheart Luna Maya's got talent to be an architect.

"Should create a song, he said better i have to draw it" clearly one of those police source told reporters at Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta. In the footage, Ariel tried to pour his feelings. Especially about the twists of the middle of his natural life. "Looks like he drew on his life twists" In the prison cell, Ariel peterpan began to mingle with other prisoners Police Headquarters. For example the joint Friday Prayers in the mosque custody Police Headquarters.

"Last Friday Prayer Ariel in the holding room with other prisoners. Inside mosque holding room right there. It is usually prisoners if there prayers with staff Bareskrim"

Polisi Menggeledah Rumah Luna Maya dan Cut Tari

foto luna maya pasca penggeledahan rumahnya terkait video mesum dirinya dengan ariel

Polisi Menggeledah Rumah Luna Maya dan Cut Tari on June 25 2010 | Apparently not the only house that was searched artists Cut Tari Police Headquarters. Luna Maya house the police had already investigated to find evidence porno video cases. Searching at Luna's house was delivered by Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters, Inspector General of Police Edward Aritonang. He confirmed that police conduct searches in several places associated with the former star of soap ad. "At Luna maya home, at work to find out whether there is evidence of this case to uncover clues," Edward said when met at Police Headquarters, Jl Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, Friday.

Is it from the search there is evidence that secured? Edward claimed to have not received their data. Luna home search didiuga done in conjunction with his home searched Cut Tari, Thursday (6/24/2010) ago. For Cut Tari, the POLRI claimed had not found any evidence related to the porn video.