artis indonesia terbaru Sinta dan Jojo lipsing singer

Friday, August 20, 2010

artis indonesia terbaru Sinta dan Jojo lipsing singer, two distaff scholars of a private university in Bandung, Indonesia, dead went pop. Their YouTube uploaded video entitled "Keong Racun" has been a sluing issue on microblogging land site Chirrup, and their Facebook pages find a good deal of scuttlebutts. What these precious missies did was precisely lipsyncing the unpopular dangdut Sung dynasty.

The vocal was first performed by dangdut vocalist Lisa from Bandung. Peoples scarcely knew the Sung. But after artis indonesia terbaru Sinta dan Jojo lipsing singer uploaded their ain translation of Keong Racun, which is a remix dangdut, the vocal bulged to be long familiar. Charlie of ST 12, a semi-malay pop-rock vocalizer and vocal author, still greased one's palms the right of first publication of Keong Racun from the composer Buy Akur, who lives in an ugly house in Bandung. Although the vocal is going to be multiplied by Charile, the appendage does not involve Lisa. This makes a difference between Charlie and Lisa. Granting to Lisa, Charlie had threatened her by telephone set, creating her unrest.

Meantime, Sinta and Jojo right away get new fames. Subject TV stations such as RCTI and TRANS TV interviewed them and boasted them in their docudrama computer programmes, Silet and Cut in.


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