Ariel Peterpan emoh Membuat lagu di Penjara

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ariel Peterpan emoh Membuat lagu di Penjara
Ariel Peterpan emoh Membuat lagu di Penjara | It was of fourth day in the prison huddled Ariel Police Headquarters for recording a sexual scene with Luna Maya and Cut Tari. Ariel Peterpan is known expert in prison to make a song, it refused to deepen expertise and Ariel chose to draw. According to the testimony of one police source, at the detention cell Ariel refuses to make a song. Ariel prefer drawing since childhood sweetheart Luna Maya's got talent to be an architect.

"Should create a song, he said better i have to draw it" clearly one of those police source told reporters at Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta. In the footage, Ariel tried to pour his feelings. Especially about the twists of the middle of his natural life. "Looks like he drew on his life twists" In the prison cell, Ariel peterpan began to mingle with other prisoners Police Headquarters. For example the joint Friday Prayers in the mosque custody Police Headquarters.

"Last Friday Prayer Ariel in the holding room with other prisoners. Inside mosque holding room right there. It is usually prisoners if there prayers with staff Bareskrim"


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