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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Again,  foto bugil rahma azhari  spread on the internet. This is not a artis indonesia bugil, but the images show the middle Rahma azhari posing hot with a man. There are seven foto bugil sarah azhari circulating on the internet. Consists of seven images from a variety of styles. In the first image, for example, gambar artis bugil indonesia appear Rahma will smooch with a woman.

Rahma azhari response on that sexy pictures represented the power of law Secarpiandy. Barbate lawyers assume that people who spread the photos to the internet to kill the intended clients. "Perhaps one of the characters, so that our clients to avoid our people". Secarpiandy also rejected speculate whether the two men posing with a Rahma, is the father of the child clients. As known, foto artis indonesia the former husband Rahma, Rauf said that if his wife is pregnant digugatnya divorce a man from the United States origin.

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